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I'm here just to say some words...
« on: May 16, 2019, 09:13:44 PM »
Well, AVLinux it's simply a MARVELLOUS distro! Really the best thing i've ever saw...
Worked with ProTools, CuBase, Sonar, Acid... With Mac and Ruindows  (a mix of "ruim", word that means bad, in brazilian portuguese, plus Windows... Ruindows, got it? )   :tongue:
Since a long time, I planned to get rid of proprietary software and its related problems ...
I tried many other distros and I ended up coming to AVLinux, first with the 2018 version and now, updated to 2019.
Never again i'll use windows or Mac for music production. Or anything else.
I can't forget to mention the glorious addition of the KXStudio packages...
Cadence is a great tool to manage Jack and everything in both, AVL and KX works very well... Really a great couple.
Ardour, Disthro, AVL Drum Kits, Carla... Each program and plugin embedded in the system are powerful and complete.
There's nothing "useless".
Some small problems, but nothing that makes AVL, anyway, either bad or difficult to install, configure or use.
On another occasion I will talk about these small problems i had.
So, summing up:
Mister Glenn MacArthur, I'm very grateful to you. Thanks to you, to Mister FalkTX and everyone involved in the development of AVLinux and KXStudio.

In time, a brief presentation of myself: I am Brazilian, from Porto Alegre, a city in the far south of the country. Musician, saxophonist. Working with music and music production since the age of 15. Now, I have 53. An old man...  :D
I have a modest home studio, directed to my own compositions and productions. Set includes an intel i3-4170 pc, 8 gigs of ram, a dedicated GForce video card, 2x 500 gigabyte, 7200 rpm hard drives and 2 external 500 and 250 gigabytes. The audio interface is a Fast Track MKII, a pair of KRK Rokit 5 active monitors and an AKG Perception 120 microphone.
Usually, I don't record things in my studio, because I don't have good insulation and acoustics.
I often record in more professional studios. I have 30 songs sequenced and arranged, which I intend to record the saxophones as soon as possible... And of course, post some of them here in the forum,  as soon as it's ready...
Things are difficult and expensive here in Brazil. They were not, but since the political coup of 2013 they have been again... Very sad...

Best regards and best wishes!

Q. - I didn't vote for Bolsonaro, this stupid, misogynist, prejudiced, militiaman and gangster person. If you can call someone like that.  :D :D :D