Author Topic: first 30 minuts with isotester installed  (Read 993 times)

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first 30 minuts with isotester installed
« on: June 03, 2018, 12:58:27 PM »
annoyed, annoyed, annoyed again.   fire fox says your site is un secure by the way.
first on was first log in as su.
then login  as user. that was a wtf moment when i input my password and it reset. after 3 trys i though i flubbered the install.
that needs a fix asap should got to user log in after install like every body else.
second is WTF is with the mouse???????   i have a laptop it has scroll on the side, it doesnt work..  and its realy,reallllllllllllly slow trying to get around. scrolling in a pdf avlinuxusermanual with the side buttons snore almost fell asleep waiting to get to another page.
and the package installer, it was like trying to operate the slider from outerspace, was looking for LMMS between LI and LU Grabbing the slider and dragging was 9000 miles per hour and holding the scroll up or down buttons was like trying to race a snail for last place.
Swiping Across the screen????   almost 4 sweeps gets me there.  settings suck no method of adjusting it, most OS have something, i like to set mine so if i go to one side of mouse tray and sweep across it get to the other side just before touching the scroll track.
I dont know about the rest of the world but time is money, it should only take a second to do 90 percent of what i took way to long doing.

what happened to FORMAT ?? u guys dont do that?  i install a usb 16 gig card it recognizes it as such right click and Format to fat 32,,   Wait for it here it comes , WTF  its not there >??????? right click menu is open in , unmount and eject.??? thats what i would consider an absolutely vital function, i had to open Gparted to do a basic format operation????

Another Function i like for saving time is Single click.   you didnt forget to leave that function in , it works great, except on the desktop, its the first thing i change in any os, !!!!!every os!!!!! double clicking is one of my least favorite things. why u ask, i wil go to an item, file, icon what ever and tap once  and move on to whatever if it fails to load i click it again.  for some reason if its a double click my finger most of the time is faster than the CPU especially in windows,  annoys me so when i get like 4 windows opening because i had to do the double click dance. waiting for the first one to open. one click saves me the headache of closing 2 additional windows WHY you ask ?? because i only clicked it 2 times
NOT 4,6,8 times trying to see if my double click worked or just a slow startup, 
I clicked the Home folder, on the desktop, after i changed the settings ,,    WTF . ANNOYED clickclick it opened. the no format usb, WTF Annoyed.
and in configure file manager no way to add functionality, in KX dolphin its so fun to modify.  in mint its just there it works.

ok so,   Log in broke, scrolling functionality broke, clickclick broke , right click menu broke, file manager broke.
and i did a right click open as root and it did it without a password??  gave me a popup after closing the window telling me it did it all by its self and it has my SU password stored in a buffer so i may be held hostage in the future by the file manager. :evil:

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Re: first 30 minuts with isotester installed
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2018, 01:45:16 PM »
Hmmm , most of everything you mentioned is customizable.
If you can’t find something in the manual / searching the forum or even googling, you can ask here , but be specific ;)

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Re: first 30 minuts with isotester installed
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2018, 07:07:06 AM »
so professional korakios. 10/10!!  offgrid: stay calm and share your banannas. (oh, btw your <?> key seems to be sticking....)