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Comments on AV Linux After A Few Years of Use
« on: August 10, 2017, 02:30:17 PM »
AV Linux 604 diehard was the first Linux operating system that I ever experienced as an addition to a Windows XP operating system.   

I personally like AV Linux although I am not a musician or have any ability to create music.
I have a collection of CDs that would be useful on the media players included with AV Linux.
Have always loved music yet only to the extent of listening.

What I am really interested in is graphic arts programs.    Yes there are operating systems that specialize in this interest such as Fedora Design Suite and Ubuntu Studio yet with my limited ability to use a Linux operating system I find AV Linux is the only one I have found and tried that will play my movie DVDs.   I tried following some instructions for installing codecs for playing DVDs on a Debian Operating System yet could not get anything to work.   Have tried Fedora and Ubuntu, find these operating systems involve special codecs installation to play DVDs.  I guess my ways here are old fashion since everyone is beginning to stream yet I like watching my personal collection of legal DVD's purchased in retail stores.   Why you need special codecs to play these DVD's on most Linux operating systems is something I do not understand since using a DVD player hooked up to a TV always works fine.   Anyway I believe this is where AV Linux has attracted my attention and interest, my DVDs play fine on this operating system.   I am beginning to shy away from installing packages through the Deb Package Installer due to a problem associated with the Debian operating system where I attempted to upgrade a program and ran into a serious problem of broken dependencies that I could not correct.   I had to reinstall the operating system since the whole dependency path of different packages got totally out of control with removing earlier versions that were linked to many other programs that became broken as a result of not meeting requirements of the later versions. 

With AV Linux 2016 I like the: Libre Office programs, Blender, The GIMP, Inkscape, and have added My Paint successfully through the Deb Package Installer.   Along with the few dependencies needed,
I was able to add Krita using a simple app-image that you can run directly through execution instead of installing and having to deal with all the possible dependency problems.   Newer versions of Blender also work without hassling with dependency issues by extracting into your user file system somewhere and then finding the Blender file to click on to execute the program.   

I have recently created a Live version of AV Linux 2017 and tried this newer version yet find I like the 2016 version better for my personal use.    The Libre Office suite is not included, VLC player is replaced by a media player that has a lot less features and Audacious is no longer in the custom designed operating system.   These options are probably available for installation yet I do not have an internet connection on my computer with AV Linux, or any other computer (if I did have internet at home with my limited income I would not be able to make any donations for using this software, instead my resources would be directed to internet hardware and software use).   Do not have any internet, use computers the old fashion way (a lot less expensive for a poor person, by not having internet for the past 8 years I have been able to save money for donations to Linux and other software, and more peace of mind without the hassles of internet security issues for proper use).   

For this reason the Debian operating system is my favorite.
I discovered the ability to download the three iso complete DVDs (at a local library internet access) that you can add to the Synaptic Package Manager.   They work flawlessly installing all the programs you are interested in.    Is it possible to add these three Debian DVD discs to the AV Linux Synaptic Package Manager in the 2017 AV Linux operating system so I might add some of the programs that are no longer in the 2017 version?   I have tried such using the AV 2017 live off a USB drive and this does not work, yet maybe it would work if I installed this operating system on my computer?   If not so be it, I am still grateful for the AV Linux 604 diehard and AV Linux 2016 my favorite.   I have made a personal donation as support for this very good operating system, and do not feel forgotten with the newer 2017 version.    As I said my personal use of an operating system is for creating artwork (if you wonder what degree of serious dedication my claim is here visit my website at   I realize that AV is more directed towards music and production in audio, people with this type of interest need an operating system that is tailored to their interests and needs.    The earlier versions did attract my attention and find the 2016 version excellent for my personal needs.   
I would also like to mention that the instructions in the AV manual were very helpful for me in the beginning days of using AV Linux 604 Diehard operating system.   The manual is well written and in many situations better than some popular published books that instruct the reader on how to use a Linux operating system.    Thanks again for a great operating system, AV Linux 2016.   

I will check out any future releases using a live tryout, who knows maybe things will change again in a direction that is closer to my needs.           
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Re: Comments on AV Linux After A Few Years of Use
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2017, 12:38:41 PM »
One other topic I forgot to mention in my earlier post is the issue of the WINE application in AV Linux 2016.
I use Linux on a computer with some older Windows operating system, the kind that you can use without having an internet extension for initialization and activation (computers also old 8-11 years), there are some graphic arts and other programs that are available for Windows yet not Linux.   One in particular is a graphic arts program entitled "Art Rage".   This program was actually my very first experience using digital computer graphic arts, and has an interesting feel of natural media type of painting and drawing with strokes.    I was really impressed to find my ability to open this program up in AV Linux through the WINE application and run it on a Linux operating system.    Took some time to figure out a way that would work yet discovered by browsing into the Windows partition and locating the Art Rage file in the Programs Folder with the .exe extension and then opening that up it would open up the program in AV Linux.    By further testing of how well it works I find the program runs well this way.   For my personal use this is an excellent extension of my ability to use some Windows software on AV Linux.
I also found some older programs also work like Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 (although when Corel took over this program in version 10 they have blocked out the ability to do such, as with any other of their software in graphic arts).     Unfortunately Corel has the best graphic arts painting program Corel Painter, and their Corel Draw Graphics Suite is also very good, yet they have moved in a direction of dependency on an internet connection to use their latest products, they want to constantly check up on your use of their product.   A decade ago you could buy their program in a retail store or on line and with a DVD or CD disc use the program with the Serial Code they provided after purchase.    Now they have taken away that option, so for someone without an internet connection on the computer they are using the software, you are out of luck and the freedom of the off line use option.

If all you people out there working on the WINE application get a lot more Windows applications to run on Linux, that would really be a great improvement.

Once again, Thanks for an excellent Linux operating system AV Linux 2016.     

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Re: Comments on AV Linux After A Few Years of Use
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2017, 12:18:09 PM »
Hi StephentheDigitalArtist!

Thanks very much for you kind support of AV Linux!

Since AV Linux 2016 and 2017 were built on Debian's testing branch there are some changes that have happened within Debian over time, some people do have better luck with 2016 and there is really no right or wrong versions to use, whichever suits your needs and does what you want is the best version.

I've enjoyed some of the art on your page so far, there is a lot of work there to see!

Thanks, Glen

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Re: Comments on AV Linux After A Few Years of Use
« Reply #3 on: September 25, 2017, 03:07:54 PM »
Thanks for the informed review. 
I am about to re-test a AVLINUX again, and I appreciate the advanced notice.