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AV Linux / Re: example of how silly Linux can be....
« Last post by Geoff Beasley on Yesterday at 10:37:00 PM »
Zedman, I am aware of Windoze history. As far back as XP I noticed that the Recycle Bin [TM] even had an option to reformat a Linux partition if there was one found on your machine! Try to find a format option in the Recycle Bin [TM] if you don't !! You can't .
AV Linux / FYI - Reaper Linux builds now available !
« Last post by Geoff Beasley on Yesterday at 07:13:26 PM »
Reaper now has Linux builds available on their downloads page! They are unsupported, and VST is still somewhat of an issue but  it works out of the box in AVL and is 100% reliable for me so far - using for about 4 months now.

It ships with a fine suite of plugins too. It's not "free" but it's fantastic imho and you get a 60 day trial. All the skins work and there's nothing else as flexible out there.

AV Linux / Re: example of how silly Linux can be....
« Last post by Geoff Beasley on Yesterday at 07:05:51 PM »
Well, to be contrite I must confess to being stupid in fact. I followed up Appimage and it is indeed the way to run the latest Musescore totally reliably. Initially I simply downloaded and clicked and of course I got a burn dialogue. I gave up then. In reality all I needed to do was make it executable. It's been a while since I have run a Linux environment and didn't look into it further. Now I have, and I feel deserving of the title Stupid and winner of the "Incompetent User Award 2018".  For 10 years I slaved over a hot Linux and helped develop most of the software you've gathered here Gmac. And again I commend your efforts. You have done a great job.

I felt a strange but powerful sense of joy this morning when I went to the Reaper site and behold; There are now Linux downloads right there on the downloads page!! Still unsupported, however there they are for all to see. I've been running the native for a while and it woks perfectly for all non VST work. I highly recommend it.

later gentlemen.
It's been a while, nice to see you're still hanging around here man, congrats!
AV Linux / Thr10x usb_quirk
« Last post by joe k on July 14, 2018, 03:22:43 PM »

This is the usb Quick for the Yamaha Thr10x Amp 
it's in the newer kernels  it can be compiled into a kernel if needed
needs to be pasted into  " kernel/sound/usb/quirks-table.h "
The only quirk missing is for the Thr5 Amp. The needed info can be obtained from pluging
it into a pc and running lsusb in a terminal.  need the USB_DEVICE(0X0499, XXXXXX),
need the XXXXXX   

 * Yamaha THR10x
   USB_DEVICE(0x0499, 0x150b),
   .driver_info = (unsigned long) & (const struct snd_usb_audio_quirk) {
      /* .vendor_name = "Yamaha", */
      /* .product_name = "THR10X", */
      .ifnum = QUIRK_ANY_INTERFACE,
      .type = QUIRK_COMPOSITE,
      .data = (const struct snd_usb_audio_quirk[]) {
            .ifnum = 1,
            .ifnum = 2,
            .ifnum = 3,
            .type = QUIRK_MIDI_YAMAHA
            .ifnum = -1

AV Linux / Re: 78 broken packages--synaptic can't fix
« Last post by soppel on July 12, 2018, 04:39:53 PM »
I should not back-up the home folder and restore that one. I'm always afraid that you 'restore' te problems too.
So I back-up documents etc as they are, and use those again.

You write that you are using 'all 4 partitions'
I have 8 partitions.

You have to make a 'extended partition' In this partition you can make as many partitions as you want. They are called logical partitions.
So you can choose 3 primair partitions and one extended partition. But you can also choose 1 primair and the rest in the extended partition. Your choise!
Of course you can use Gparted for it.
My trick of giving hydrogen a custom config per bind-mount may or may not work - the relevant config, in any case, is that a) simple2.h2song is loaded and b) in the audio tab of the preferences, one output pair per instrument' is checked in addition to the mix. I have only allowed hydrogen 4 audio outs Carla side, and the result should be that the drum mix is on audio 1 & 2, and the instrument called 'gate', which consist of a hihat looped to 1 beat length and only serves to trigger a gate, on 3 & 4.
I'd have loved to set up this 1 beat time window gate as a 100% MIDI solution, but had to give up. Oh yes, other hydrogen config is that it is in song-, not pattern mode, and both loop and jack transport are on.
Hydrogen has the -P switch to specify a custom 'data' path, but alas, it only substitutes /usr/share/hydrogen/data , from where hydrogen loads default config, but this is still getting overriden by any settings in ~/.hydrogen/hydrogen.conf , maybe worth a comment to upstream.
AV Linux / 78 broken packages--synaptic can't fix
« Last post by slider on July 11, 2018, 02:51:09 PM »
I really can't do anything in Synaptic until these packages are fixed but Synaptic is unable to fix them. I've thought about just starting with a fresh install. Would I just backup my Home folder to a .tar? How do you restore that in the new install? I've read about putting the /Home  on it's own partition but I'm on a dual boot and using all four partitions.
I know these are a lot of questions so maybe I should start with just finding how to fix the 78 broken packages that Synaptic can't do anything with. Thanks for any suggestions.

Thanks for sharing this! I'll look forward to giving it a try!

this is something for guitarists and effect tinkers to amuse themselves with: One Man Band v. 3.0 . It's supposed to work out of the box on AVLinux, basically you get a plugin patch to load into the Carla plugin host, and that patch should allow you to do rather freaky things with a guitar only.
Just download the tarball, extract it to any decent place, enter the folder, listen to demo.mp3, read README.txt and follow the instructions. Launching might take a little time, since the launch script searches the One Man Band folder first, the next surprise will be a root password prompt, this is to bind-mount a different config for hydrogen onto the default one.
Once you found your way around in this effects setup, there is ample opportunity for changing it: a longer drum loop with more variations, different synth sounds and arpeggiator patterns, subtle changes in the mix between the 5 voices this will turn the guitar into.

Hopefully this is the start for a new sport: exchanging FX patches, session templates and such. At least, here we are dealing only with one linux audio distribution and can count on relatively identical environments, where otherwise, the various pieces of software turn out to be more portable than the creative project files we're making with them.
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